The Talks




  1. Dr. Chu Manh TrinhCommunity Expert, Cham Islands Marine Protected Area
  2. A/Professor Dr. Le Anh TuanVice Director, Research Institute for Climate Change
  3. Ms. Nguy Thi KhanhDirector, GreenID Vietnam



Co-Founder, Vietnam Sach va Xanh

The First Step for the Environment 
This fun and engaging talk looks at the very first step toawareness from a developmental perspective

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Community Expert Cham Islands Marine Protected Area

Community-based climate change response

Learn about the Marine Protected Areas modelfrom the man who started them. By the way, he also instituted the first plastic bag ban in the country in 2011!

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Zero Waste Concept Co-Founder

Zero Waste for a Cooler Planet
Hear from one of the Founders of the Zero Waste movement! A dynamic speaker, Dr. Paul has presented over 2500 speeches to many audiences including Presidents and even the Pope.

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Director, GreenHub NGO

Make Viet Nam zero waste together!
Ms. Hoa speaks of the power of the numbers – figures from waste audit, and initiatives that make waste worth.
Will you accompany GreenHub?

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Candidate, Oregon State Representative

This Climate Moment Demands Bold and New Leadership
As a champion for climate issues, Khanh is a founding leader of the Portland Clean Energy Fund Initiative which is projected to raise $50 million+ dollars a year and the Oregon Just Transition Alliance to develop a collective vision and plan for an Oregon Green New Deal. In the clip, Khanh shares her journey as the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants and how art, activism and cross-cultural communities have shaped her vision of what’s possible.

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Vice Director, Research Institute for Climate Change

Climate change impacts in Vietnam

Scientist and researcher living in Can Tho speaks about the impacts of climate change on Vietnam.

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Co-founder, Live Forever Young Collective

The sounds & colors of biodiversity and a healthy nature
Wolf will share with you how our Earth and climate is linked to our health. He will lay out the importance of biodiversity and its colours and sounds to our happiness, health and wellbeing. Wolf will be sharing some practical
examples from Vietnam.

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Climate Collage Vietnam Team

The Climate Collage – Easy way to teach and understand climate change

This one is for teachers and students! If you’re looking for
an easy way to understand climate change and it’s impacts, here it is! JP, Tristan and Tue (alphabetical order) will introduce the Climate Collage puzzle game to show how we can learn about scientific facts on climate change while having fun with friends, classmates or colleagues.

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Program Manager, RMIT University

International Business: Is It Always the Enemy of Sustainability?
Dr. John Walsh speaks about the impact that International Business has on the Environment.

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Director, CoCo Dressing Room

How to change the world by your dressing power

Fashion is heavily taxing the planet due to its polluting linear take-make-dispose system. Being the third largest manufacturing industry employing hundreds of million workers around the world, fashion will not go anywhere, it is the shift in the habit of consumers that Thu believes would make fashion industry a better industry. In her talk, she highlights on several ways individual could do to bring meaningful changes to the fashion system that would leads to not only economic but also social and environmental benefits. If there is any power anyone can use to change the world, it is the dressing power.

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Lecturer, RMIT University

Sustainable Finance in the Age of Global Warming
Huy’s talk targets everybody who has basic knowledge of finance, is interested in exploring a new aspect of finance and would like to learn how “finance” can be used to tackle environmental problems. He discusses the origin of environmental finance, the applications of environmental finance and how it has helped us move towards a cleaner

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Lecturer, RMIT University

Sustainable Investing: ESG trends

In her short video, Dr Linh Nguyen will be sharing about ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing style and how to incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions.

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Co-Founders of La Holista & Celebrity Master Chef

A diet for a healthy planet
Celebrity Master Chef Jack Lee visits with Plant-Based-Diet experts and entrepreneurs Chiara and Pascale to explore the world of healthy eating and healthy environment. La Holista Health & Wellness’ mission is to support the community with holistic health products and services whilst being compassionate and limiting their carbon footprint.

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Founder, Bees4Life

Climate change and insect extinction – 2 actions for a big impact

What can we do to save our friends the Bees, the world’s most important pollinators? Ms. Leonie outlines 2 basic actions we can do!

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Denver Director, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Hidden in Plain Bite: The Truth About our Food

Ms. Claudia Lifton gives us a real look at how food gets to our table and the impacts it has on the environment.

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THEME: Travel, Energy and Final Talk

Sustainable Tourism Industry Experts, IMPACT Vietnam

Respect Earth when traveling: join our sustainable travel network; get inspired about carbon offsetting; explore ideas for unique activities in Vietnam and to limit waste on a trip! Anyone can tune in and find something interesting to take away: people working in the tourism sector will probably even more.

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Director, GreenID Vietnam

Energy choice for the 21st century

Ms. Khanh, winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize, environmentalism’s version of the Nobel Prize, speaks about her passion and expertise… green energies.

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Founder & Economist, Key-Log Economics Vietnam

Preserving Nature as an Act of Hope

Wrapping up the week is Ecological economist, Dr.
Spencer! He worked with the founder of Earth Day,
Senator Gaylord Nelson, served at the White House in the Environmental Quality Council. He discusses how, when and why to preserve wild nature, including personal, social, ecological and economic benefits.

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